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Giving to support St George's

The costs of maintaining the ministry of St George's Church include an annual quota paid to the Diocese to cover the costs of our Incumbent, the running expenses incurred in our use of the church, such as heating, lighting, music; and there are further costs involved in maintaing the fabric of the historic building to meet the requirements of the quinquennial inspections by the church architect.  Although we benefit from substantial bequests, and from fundraising by the Fete and the Friends of St George's, the bulk of our costs still have to be met from generous contributions. Opportunities for spontaneous offerings are part of church services, but we urge all who are able to commit to regular giving to join the Planned Giving Scheme (and where possible to let us recover the tax)..

The Treasurer cetetal@btinternet.com or phone 01580240821 and the Planned Giving Secretary clive_turner@btinternet.com will willingly answer any questions about gifts and bequests.

The costs of maintaining the building and churchyard also fall to the Parish. St George's is fortunate in benefiting from some generous bequests, and from support from the Friends of St George's.

St George's has a policy of dividing any surplus in the annual accounts between charitable giving and the church fabric fund.  The charities who received support in 2017 were:

In addition, there are regular annual collections for Christian Aid (house to house), for the Royal British Legion, and special collections on other occasions.