Rector’s Letter – January 2018

Here we go again – another New Year

At this time of year, we always seem to be looking forward to what the new year will bring us; often hoping for something better than the last one. There will be happy events to look forward to: nationally, there is a royal wedding in the diary; locally, we have the pantomime to enjoy together; and we can also watch, expectantly, the work on the building of the new Primary School – which is very exciting.

There will also be happy family events, I trust, to look forward to; we have a family wedding in Scotland to enjoy as our eldest daughter gets married. There will also be poignant events, like the marking of the 100th anniversary of the ending of the Great War in November. There will be events, currently unknown to us, that may affect us: how will the Brexit negotiations develop? What will Donald Trump get up to?

Like most years, 2018 will no doubt bring some happy occasions, some concerning events, and some difficult and testing experiences. If we look back on 2017 that probably sounds quite familiar; most years are made up of things like that. What have we learnt from 2017 that will help us through the things that we will experience in the coming year? Or are we just going to muddle through again, and simply react to the things that affect us? In my January letter last year, I put out the challenge that your faith is important; how are you going to get to know God better this year? Did you? Did you do anything to try and get to know God better: reading scriptures, or talking to other Christians or people of other faiths, or praying more regularly? Whether you did or didn’t do anything, the challenge is still the same this year: get to know God better.

Perhaps when you look back on 2017, you have some regrets; most people do in one way or another. So how is this coming year going to be different? Or do you just feel it is going to be ‘more of the same’ – ‘here we go again’. Is there something you promised yourself you would do last year, but then let it slide and you haven’t done it? Now is the time to do it! Especially if it is a regret; in particular if it has to do with a friend, or a neighbour, or a family member. Do not get to the end of 2018 with the same feeling of regret; do something about it now. Do not let 2018 waste away.

Do not let 2018 be another year of ‘here we go again’. Be positive about it; do something different; turn any regrets from 2017 into positives for 2018. May it be a year of thinking, ‘here we go, I am going to do this.’ And may it be a good new year for you. God bless.

Revd David Commander, Rector