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Weekly Newsletter:

24th October - Bible Sunday. 

17th October - The Twentieth Sunday after Trinity. 

10th October - The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

3rd October - The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity - HARVEST at St George'

26th September - The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity

19th September - The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

12th September - The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

5th September - The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity

29th August - The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

22nd August - The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity

15th August - The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

8th August - The Tenth Sunday after Trinity

1st August - The Ninth Sunday after Trinity

25th July - The Eighth Sunday after Trinity

18th July - The Seventh Sunday after Trinity

11th July - The Sixth Sunday after Trinity

3rd July - The Fifth Sunday after Trinity

26th June - The Fourth Sunday after Trinity

20th June - The Third Sunday after Trinity

13th June - The Second Sunday after Trinity

6th June - The First Sunday after Trinity

30th May - Trinity Sunday

23rd May - Pentecost

16th May - The Seventh Sunday of Easter

9th May - The Sixth Sunday of Easter

2nd May - The Fifth Sunday of Easter

25th April - The Fourth Sunday of Easter

18th April - The Third Sunday of Easter

11th April - The Second Sunday of Easter

4th April - Easter Day

28th March - Palm Sunday

21st March - The Fifth Sunday of Lent

14th March - Mothering Sunday

7th March -The Third Sunday of Lent

28th February -The Second Sunday of Lent

21st February -The First Sunday of Lent

14th February -The Sunday next before Lent

7th February -The Second Sunday before Lent

31st January -The Presentation of Christ in the Temple - Candlemas

24th January -The Third Sunday of Epiphany

17th January -The Second Sunday of Epiphany

10th January -The Baptism of Christ

3rd January - Epiphany










Monthly Newsletter:

September 2021- Respect and Gratitude

January 2021 - Hope

December 2020 - A different Christmas

November 2020 - 'Remembering'

October 2020 - The year marches on

May 2020 - Helping and caring for others - Part 3

April 2020 - Helping and caring for others - Part 2

March 2020 - Helping and caring for others

February 2020 - From pantomime to polar bears

January 2020 - Have the heart to say 'yes'








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